Eton Dorney. Long Swim. 26th Sept 2020. Entry


  • Individual - 2.5k - £20.00
  • Individual - 3.8k - £25.00
  • Individual - 5k - £30.00

Closing Date: Online entries close 2 days pre-event  
No entries on the day.

Limited to just 100 entries. 

Check your start time and entry confirmation here

Saturday 26th September 2020

Eton College, Windsor, SL4 6QP - View Location


Open water swimming and events, in general, are in uncertain times at present. Our normal operations have been changed and new GPS technologies introduced to an event that provides a platform for participants to adhere to the current social distancing policies.

Each participant is issued with an individual start time, a GPS tracker, and a swim tow float. Participants engage in the rolling start every 30 seconds and then follow there chosen distance via the course marking. 

The added benefit, of course, is that your friends and family can watch the action unfold on the live tracking pages (links provided below).

The Olympic venue, Eton Dorney, offers a beautiful clear lake with clear lines of view. The venue is private and specifically hired for the purpose.

About GPS Tracking:

Provided by Geo Tracks.

Instead of using the traditional 'timing chip' the GPS tracker does the same job of providing results and split times but also allows your friends and family to follow your progress live! 

The GPS tracker will be issued to you in a tow float. This keeps the tracker up out of the water and enables it to send and receive signals (it does not work when under the water). The tow float is also a safety measure to aid self-rescue if required and minimize interactions with the water safety staff. Tow floats attach around your waist.

Using the GPS trackers and geofences (a virtual geographic boundary, defined by online coordinates, that enables software to trigger a response when a tracking device enters or leaves a particular area) timing points and results are provided without the need for any human interactions and infrastructure.

Check out the live tracking page here

Rolling start:

After entering the event online you will be emailed a link to view your allocated time slot. Please plan your arrival so you arrive at registration no more than 15 minutes before your start time. Approach the start ready to go (wetsuit on, googles on, swim tow float with GPS tracker attached to your waist). Queue at the start in the designated spaced areas, a large 'time of day' clock will be on display at the start and when it's your time to start the swim simply enter the water at the signed swim start point and start swimming! The 'Geofence' for the start is at the end of the pontoon and your time will automatically start as you enter this area. If you do not start at exactly your allocated right time it does not affect your actual real start time. 

Please only arrive at the venue 20/30 minutes before your allotted start time. Register and collect your tracker and swim hat 15 minutes before your start time.    

  • 14:00 Rolling race starts for all distances 


    • Water safety staff and craft on duty   
    • GPS tracking and timing  
    • Live results   
    • Free car parking    
    • Toilets    
    • Medics on site
    • Drinks and feed stations on the course (end of the pontoon)    
    • Baggage storage in the registration tent  
    • Event T-shirts for sale at online entry check out @ £15. Collected at the event
    • Bespoke wooden finishers medal for sale at online entry check out @ £3.5. Collected at the event
    Please note that due to current guidance and venue restrictions the changing rooms and boathouse will be shut, the venue is also not allowing spectators.

      Pre-event information pack:
      Please check for the 2020 event information. We do not post out information. A link will be emailed to you when the instructions are published. 

      Junior 16 - 19     
      Senior 20 - 39     
      Vet 40 - 49     
      Super vet 50+ 

        Dorney Lake is renowned for having its own weather system! The dead straight 2km long stretch of water can see swimmers faced with flat water at one end and a challenging chop at the other. The course is a rectangle lap of a buoyed course. 

        2.5km - 1 lap  
        3.8km - 1 laps     
        5km - 2 laps  


        Event rules:

        As part of the entry system to the event, all participants agree to the following:       

        • All swimmers will read and adhere to the 'Participant Event Information' (available to download from this event web page approx 2 weeks pre-event date). This information pack will give specific instructions on the measures implemented in reference to the current government event guidance 
        • Wetsuits are mandatory for all swimmers unless special permission has been granted by the organisers pre-event for individuals to swim non-wetsuit. Please email for further information
        • All swimmers must wear the issued swim hats during the course of the swim event
        • All swimmers must use the issued swim tow floats
        • Cut off times:   
        • 2.5km 1hr 30mins
        • 3.8km - 1hr 50mins   
        • 5km - 2hr 20mins   
        • Swimmers over these times will be collected from the water and returned to shore

          Refunds / transfers:

           For full Votwo T&C's please click here. 










          Swim Routes: