The Furthest


New for 2020!

The Furthest is a running race with a twist. There is no course or set route to follow. Instead of a traditional marked course, the event is integrated with GPS and smartphone technology to let the runner choose their own route and distance. Quite simply, the runner who goes the Furthest in the allotted time wins!

There will be checkpoints and ‘point’ flags along the route and you will be able to view both your own tracker location as well as other runners.

There are a series of mandatory checkpoints that describe a route direction, and these are interspersed with ‘points’ flags. The further out the flags are on the route then the higher the ‘points’ are worth. The highest point collector has gone the Furthest!

This event is facilitated by Ascari Events Ltd and supported by Geo Tracks. 



Sunday 19th July 2020

Event HQ:

Brockenhurst Village Hall, Highwood Road, Hampshire, SO42 7RY- View Location

Entry Prices:

  • Individual -1:30 hour event. Approx 10km - 15km. Entry price £30
  • Marathon Individual - 6:00 hour event. Approx 30km - 40km. Entry price £50
  • Ultra Individual - 8:00 hour event. Approx 50km - 70km. Entry price £60
  • Team of 2 - 1:30 hour event. Approx 10km - 15km Entry price £50
  • Marathon Team of 2 - 6:00 hour event. Approx 30km - 40km Entry price £90
  • Ultra Team of 2 - 8:00 hour event. Approx 50km - 70km Entry price £110


  • 07:00 - 09:00 Registration opens at the event HQ
  • 07:30 - 08:00 Ultra starts (every 1 min)
  • 08:00 - 08:30 Marathon starts (every 1 min)
  • 08:30 - 09:00 15km starts (every 1 min)
  • 10:00 - 10:30 15km cut-offs
  • 13:30 - 14:00 Marathon cut-offs
  • 15:30 - 16:00 Ultra cut-offs
Event information pack:

A link to the 2020 event information will be posted below this text nearer the event date. All entrants are reminded to read the event information. It is a condition of entry to this event that you participate according to the instructions in the event information. We do send any event information or confirmations by Email.


The event takes place in and around the New Forest. This is a mixture of undulating moorland and wooded areas. There are both made up hard-packed paths and paths directly on the grass, expect a few boggy areas!

Event HQ: Brockenhurst Village Hall

This will act as the registration area, car parking, start-finish and catering area (tea, coffee and cakes). This will be open throughout the whole event.


Navigation, Gps Tracking and Smartphone App

The event is self-navigation using a Geo Tracks GPS tracker and smartphone app.

The GPS Tracker is to be collected at event registration and returned at the finish. Please ensure you have downloaded the app (links below) on your smartphone pre-event.

All navigation is done via the Geo Tracks app. This shows the location of the Start/finish, CP's, point flags, your tracker and the trackers of all the other runners. The app shows the ground as a google satellite image. 

Live Leaderboard

The live leader board is shown on the app, on the event web page and at HQ on a screen. As runners collect flags their points will display in real-time on the live leaderboard. Once the event is complete this will show the results.

Mandatory Check Points (CP's)

For each event, runners must make their  way (in order to the CP's). This ensures a general direction of the runners and ensures runners are accounted for at each checkpoint. 

Checkpoints will supply water, coke, precision hydration electrolyte drink, jelly beans, fruit and cereal bars. 

Points Flags

Between each CP there are points flag. Navigate your way to a flag and as your GPS trackers enters within a 10-meter radius of the flag it will change colour and the allotted flag points will show on the leader board.

Flags that are further away from the CP's are worth more points.

Collect as many flags as you can as you run between flags.

Note: There are no physical flags on the ground. The flags are shown on the app

Staggered Starts

As this is a self-navigation event, individuals and teams will start every approximately every 1 minute from the allocated start window ( see schedule above). Simply hang out near the start flags at registration and start when instructed. The tracker will know when you have crossed the start line and will record your start time

Time Limits

Each event has a time limit. Runners must have returned to the finish (HQ area) within their allowed time for their event.  

The last CP of each event will have a cut off time and this will be Published in the pre-event participant instructions.

Kit list:

Whilst taking part in the event it is compulsory for you to carry the following equipment. At registration, you will be asked to prove you have certain pieces of kit on the list. If you don’t have this kit you will not be allowed to participate in the event. We will be enforcing the policy of: No kit, no run. If the worst happens to you any of the below kit could really make the difference to yours and others survival and wellbeing.           

Essential kit (to be carried on your person or in a rucksack, vest etc)

  • Fully charged smartphone with the Geo Tracks app downloaded (waterproofed)
  • Battery charging pack (fully charged) with appropriate charging cable for your phone
  • Whistle  
  • Compass (make sure your compass is attached to you or your kit)  
  • Waterproof top  
  • Hat (waterproofed) 
  • A chocolate bar or similar  
  • Small torch with spare batteries  
  • More than 400ml of water or other drink  
  • A lightweight piece of warm clothing (waterproofed)  

You must carry all the kit on the kit list. No exceptions. It may be on your person or rucksack. No kit = No run.




  Terms and conditions of entry here. Ascari events.