Yesterday (Sat 5th April) I entered the duathlon at Dorney, my first multi discipline event.
Having participated in many cycling events over the years I am used to organised races but wanted to congratulate the organisers. The event for a newcomer was extremely well organised, the marshals and stewards were well briefed and friendly and the atmosphere very accommodating despite the huge variation in abilities of the competitors.
I shall definitely be looking out for future Votwo events.
Ian Lathey


Just a quick note, and a rather belated one, to say thanks for a fantastic event.  I enjoyed the Jurassic Coast Challenge immensely, it was one of the best I’ve ever done (I’ve done many).  The organisation of everything worked well for me and all the things needed were there and you accommodated changes and had flexibility, it was also great to see people of all standards and abilities welcomed to enjoy the event in their way.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again – yes I’m tempted to the Atlantic Coast Challenge.
Thanks again.
Dr Sarah Chilvers 


New to running I came to compete in your 5k yesterday. Just wanted to say thank you for a well organised, friendly event that immediately put me at ease. From the moment I drove in to the car park it was we'll sign posted and everything was clear and easy. I achieved a PB so was delighted - my only complaint is that there aren't anymore to run now! Thank you - you made me want to up my game to a 10k.
Estelle Wiltshire


Once again many thanks for a memorable event at this year's JCC.
Shaun, Steve, Phil, Rob and Sean

Hi all , What a great event! Even though the weather was bad every one was still up beat. It was a very well run event. I have talked a club mate to do it next year.
Rosina Rowland

This was my first Votwo event and it was excellent (I only did today, but I'm planning all 3 days next year). The race pack & organisation was great, everything went smooth on the day and I have a thoroughly great (if slightly exhausting) day. Well done to all runners, but extra kudos to all those that ran all 3 days. Having done just today, I have a little sense of what you must have gone through and I'm in awe of the lot of you! Well done :)
Rich Meston

The ACC event was very well organised and ran like clockwork. Cost wise it was
incredible value for money. The staff were superb, very knowledgable, very supportive and very friendly. We are all happy to recommend this event and other Votwo events.
William Newport

As you know that was my first and... as everyone knows not my last. I was mightily impressed with the organisation and thank you for putting on a well-tailored event. I am especially grateful to Pete for my accommodation.

I would, however, really like you to pass on commendations to Elliot, Andy (Medic), Dom, Sasha and all those other incredible people at the check points who had the right words to say a the right time. Without them it would have broken me.
Thank you again - Zoe

Great Salty Dog tri, great venue, great t-shirts and we enjoyed a HUGE post race breakfast!
Ross Holme

Quick email to say thanks for an amazing event yesterday. The weather was far from perfect and the sea was very choppy! But your team dealt with everything and made us feel safe and looked after. Will be back next month for hopefully a sunny race!
Christopher Winfield

Brill Salty Dog Swim today. Thanks for making my first open water race a great one!
Glen Hawking


Superb swim last weekend. A member of the team mentioned that it will be a series next year, I hope so!
Vicky Collins

WOW! The Kamikaze was awesome! I have done other obstacle events and this was one of the best! Love the headband too :-)
Luke Day


The kamikaze definitely lived up to it name…loved it all. Well…except the Wall, that was evil! LOL
Rachel Dabney

I wanted to say such a big THANK YOU to all the staff at Eton Dorney Duathlon on Sunday 3rd March. This was my first ever Duathlon and I felt both welcomed and supported as a competitor. Despite the cold everyone was is a great mood and happy. It makes such a difference to get that kind of reception. Thanks again, Gus

Quick email to say thanks to the VOTWO team. We raced the Eton Dorney duathlon on Saturday and we got stuck in traffic. We thought we were going to miss the start but the registration ladies and guys in transition got us on the start line just in time! Fantastic work team!
Peter Chapman


Great race at a perfect venue.
S Wells

Dear Votwo, Thanks for putting on such a fun race on Wednesday at Southampton Common. It was brilliant to be able to run a race with my children and they loved running in the dark!
Tracy Sterling

Great event on Friday. I know you had problems with the weather and having to change the venue due to flooding but I think VOTWO handled it very well. The venue at Studland was a great alternative and myself and son enjoyed running on beach.
Rich Freeman

Thanks for organising the Silverstone Duathlon, it's a great race series.
Grahame Couch

Really enjoyed the Silverston Duathlon last night, will definitely be back next month. Great race t-shirt too!
Paul Morris

Would just like to say what a well organised event that was on Sunday at
Boxend Park. I really enjoyed the event and will be looking forward to doing
it again next year.
Bob Trengove

Brilliant event, thanks for making my first tri an awesome one!
S Drake

A fantastic event at South Cerney... I will definitely be doing more Votwo events...
Thank you - David Hunter

Perfect venue. Particularly enjoyed the run on the event.
The event t-shirt was at a high quality, unlike some you get at races, I will be wearing this with pride!
Caroline Bailey

A great day I really enjoyed it and glad to see everyone enjoying good weather. Enjoyed my first ice cream this year.
Kathy Moore


Brilliant event, thanks for making my first half marathon a great one!
Jamie Snape

I had such a brilliant morning doing the half. It was a beautiful course so no problem doing 2 laps. Very well organised with great marshalls. Very good for full results and photos to be available so soon. Only small thing is the race info said there'd be mile markers and there wasn't which through me slightly but I soon got over it! I think we'd be immensely lucky to have the same weather next year but in any case I'm looking forward to Kingston Lacy and can't wait to do this event next year! Thanks for a great morning which I'm still buzzing from!
Davina Harman

"My third olympic distance today - loved it and a PB! Thanks for amazing organisation!"  Claire Conway

Awesome Event on Sunday! Everything was perfect, the weather, the courses, the team and the gorgeous cakes from the catering lady! We will be back in 2014!
Marion Brooke

Can I just say what a brilliant race it was last weekend at Eton Dorney. It was my second triathlon and I was nervous but your team really put me at ease. I will recommend this event to everyone.

Thanks again.
Katlyn McLeod

Really enjoyed the event, but after I had an absolutely terrible swim, I was feeling pretty glum when I started on the bike course; but there was a marshal about 3/4 of the way round the bike course standing in a field gate who was amazing. His clapping, cheering and shouting really cheered me up, for 4 laps he was awesome. Please thank him!

I thought the overall event was amazing (my first tri), and everyone was great, but just wanted to specifically thank the dude above. He was brilliant.

I've raced at Dorney 7 times - 6 with Human Race and once with F3Events. Yesterday was definitely one of the best.

Your briefing was great, detailed but brief enough. I have to say that where you, your team, stewards, helpers etc are concerned you have an awesome team - every one of them were pure gold. Their support, help, friendliness, happiness to give their knowledge and advice freely.

Thank you once again for a great event for my first 70.3 :-)


Thanks for a great Day on Sunday, I had a puncture but the Votwo team gave me great support.
Lance Mottershead


I've just run the Kingston Lacey half marathon. I would just like to say that was one of the best organised "small" half marathons I have run in. (I've done more then I care to think of) from the registration, despite being called a veteran, although the lady was vey pretty (she'll know who I mean) to the start, and most of all the marshals and water point people. It was excellent,please please please forward this email all the team,they deserve some recognition.
Hopefully back next year.
Tommy Brooker

Really enjoyed last weekends Kingston Lacy 10k, beautiful scenery and well organised event. I will tell my running club about it for 2014.
Lauren Rees

Enjoyed the very windy 10k yesterday. Thanks to the team who stayed cheerful even though it was so cold!
Ryan Chapman

I used these events in the build up to my first marathon (London) they were perfect and really helped me achieve my goal.
Many thanks,
B Travers