Eton Evening Triathlon Info Pack



Location: Eton College, Dorney Lake, Windsor, SL4 6QP 

Car Park will be signed at the top end of Dorney Lake.


Car Parking:

• On arrival at the lake please follow the road round to the left and follow the signs for the car park 

• The car park is located mid way down the lake. It is then a short walk to the ‘Start’ end of the lake where the event is being held. Please note the event is not held at the Boathouse (finish) end of the lake

• Car park will be open from 16:00

• Car parking will be on the main access road to the boathouse

• Once you have parked, please make your way to race registration



Schedule for all events

16:00 Race registration opens (stays open until the last wave starts) 

17:50 Race briefing for wave 1

18:00 Wave 1 starts

18:20 Race briefing for wave 2

18:30 Wave 2 starts

18:50 Race briefing for wave 3

19:00 Wave 3 starts



Registration will be held in the Votwo black marquee.

The entrant field will be sorted in to surname alphabetic order and numbers then assigned. Entrant’s names will be shown by wave. Waves where determined by athletes when they entered online. If you are unsure which wave you have booked to start in then please email

All you need to do is find your name and race number on the notice board at the entrance to marquee then report your race number to the registration staff. (Please also check you are in the correct category for you age)


They will issue you with:

• Race number (to be worn on front)

• Bike sticker (to be put on seat post)

• Swim hat (to be worn on you head!)

• Timing chip (to be worn around your left ankle) 

• Mark your hands with race number


Entries on the day:

Entries will be taken on the day. On the day entry forms will be available in registration. Price is normal fee plus £2. Cash or card accepted.


Race timing:

You will wear your timing chip on your left ankle using a Velcro strap. Your time will be electronically recorded when you step on the mats.



Once you have registered please enter transition via the security/competitor’s entrance. All other entry/exits points will be blocked off until the race starts.


Run out, run in, bike out and bike in points will all be clearly signed. Please orientate yourself with the layout of transition before the race starts. There will be a course map board in registration clearly marking out the run and bike courses, transition and lap counts.


Transition rules:

• To gain entry / exit to transition you will need to show your corresponding bike number and race number. You will not be allowed to retrieve / deposit your bike if you do not show race/bike numbers

• Do not ride your bike in transition

• When racing your helmet must be securely affixed to your head before you touch your bike. You must not remove your helmet until your bike is securely racked (if you are warming up on your bike please wear your helmet)

• Mount after the mount line

• Dismount before the dismount line

• Your transition space is to be kept tidy at all times and you must not interfere with other competitors equipment or clothing


Drinking water and Gatorade will be available in transition and the run course.

Gatorade Perform is formulated for those engaging in significant physical activity because, unlike water, it contains a blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes, which stimulate fluid intake, ensuring rapid rehydration and provides carbohydrate fuel to active muscles. Gatorade Perform is also the only major brand with no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours and no preservatives. It’s the world’s most tested sports drink and is used by more elite athletes in more countries around the world than any other brand. Read more about Gatorade products here



It is your responsibility to attend the correct wave start. If you miss your start please inform registration staff. There is no guarantee of a transfer to another wave start.


Wave Starts will be announced on the PA system approx. 15 minutes before the start time. A mandatory briefing will be held at the swim start area. On completion of the briefing you will make your way in to the water. You must be ready to race in all respects when you arrive for the briefing. 


The start will be a floating start between the two start flags on the sound of the foghorn.


Swim warm up. If you require a warm up period in the water please ensure you are not late for the briefing. Lifeguards will be on duty 15 minutes before the first wave starts. Do not enter the water if the lifeguard is not present.


Swim Course:

1 lap of a clockwise rectangle course of 750 meters marked by large inflatable orange marker buoys. A map board will be positioned at the swim entry point clearly showing the swim course


Swim safety:

Lifeguards will be on duty. If you require assistance whilst in the water please raise one arm in the air. A lifeguard will assist you


Bike course rules

• No drafting

• No riding as a group

• Bike helmets must be securely affixed to your head whilst you are in contact with the bike

• Bike course is four laps. Competitors are responsible for counting their own laps

• Bike course is marshalled and well signed. It still remains the responsibility of the competitor to navigate the course. Course maps are supplied above

• On exiting the transition area on the bike, riders joining the course must look left and give way to competitors already on the bike course. It is the responsibility of the rider joining the bike course to ensure they filter on to the course in a safe and controlled manner


Run Course:

Is a simple out and back run along the lake path. Please note the positions of the turn points on the above map are approximate. Exact locations will be determined by physical presence of the flags on the course on race day

• Turn points will be marked by large red flags

• Run on the right hand side of the path and over take on the left hand side.

• Each out and back lap is 2.5km.X2 laps = 5km

• Competitor are responsible for counting your own laps

• On completion of your laps continue down the finish straight and under the finish gantry



Well done! Once you have passed the finish flags it’s all over! Remember to leave your timing chip with the finish staff and collect your event T-shirt and bottle of Gatorade Pro.



The team wave is wave 2 (6:30pm). One team member swims then hands over the timing chip in transition. The 2nd team member then completes the bike course and hands the timing chip over the runner who is waiting in transition. All 3 team members can collect a T-shirt at the finish.


Prize giving:

This will be held in the race registration area as soon as the leaders of the last wave have finished.



Winners medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female both races. 1st vet and 1st super vet male and female both races. 1st junior male and female both races.



16 - 19 Junior Male and female 20 - 39 Senior male and female 40 - 49 Vets male and female 50+ Super vets



These will be displayed on a large TV screen at the finish. Full results will be displayed on the website immediately after the event along with race photos.



The Eton Dorney Triathlon course is very spectator friendly. Please be aware that cyclists are racing around a closed traffic free course. Do not obstruct the bike course and keep dogs on a lead and children under control.



There will be a medic based in the transition area. If you become a minor casualty please report to transition staff that will call medic. If you are a major casualty then make your self known to any member of staff or pass on your location / nature of injury to the next competitor who will pass this info on to next marshal. The medic will be called to you.



These are located next to the transition area.


Event photos:

Charles Whitton will be at the event snapping away! Visit to buy photos


Have a good race!


Ben Mason

Director Votwo events and Adventure 


M: 07540 902612